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I got the letter from the President

Yesterday I received the official letter, so I guess it’s all right to blog about this now. Yours truly is taking up a new position. Lady English Professor will be the next Associate Dean Graduate Studies in the Faculty of Arts. Yep. That’s me. Administrator Warley. The invitation came completely out of the blue, and I had to think carefully about it, of course. But I decided that it’s a good time in my career to take on this new role and, well, I kind of look forward to the new challenges. I loved being Associate Chair Grad Studies in my department; this is just the next step up. But, as Arlequino reminds me, the fact that I’m still in the Faculty Association means that I haven’t completely crossed over! It’s just a different way of doing my job as a university professor.

Ch ch ch changes….

I will move out of my office in the English department and into a newer, bigger, brighter one in the “Dean’s wing” of another building. This, I expect, will be difficult. Wrenching, even. My office is the symbol of my identity as an English professor. It’s where all my stuff is. It’s where students find me. It’s where I chat casually with my beloved colleagues whose offices are down the hall from mine. It’s where I eat my lunch (at my desk, reading something). It’s where I literally hang my hat. Or bicycle helmet! It’s where my souvenirs of trips taken and students taught reside. Drawers are stuffed with thank you cards from students. Walls are adorned with posters from Arlequino’s shows and postcards received from colleagues. Shelves are packed with my research and teaching books, as well as unclaimed student essays and about four years’ worth of final exams. Don’t even get me started on what’s in the filing cabinets. Shudder….

I’m going to need fancier clothes. More jackets. Maybe I should stop shopping at second hand shops and low-end retailers. Maybe that’s what the extra stipend is for.

I already have the new shoes.

Position begins July 1st for a four-year term. But in my heart I’ll always be Lady English Professor.


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