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Work routines

The time has come, once again, to work on Sunday afternoons.

Arlequino and I have had a lovely and busily social weekend. It’s warm, sunny; the air is that late, late summer blue tinged with gold. On Friday evening we treated ourselves to a gorgeous meal at our favourite restaurant in Waterloo, Nick and Nat’s Uptown 21. Occasion? Don’t need one. He ate a bowl of mussels in a yummy baked olive broth and then the biggest pork chop you’ve ever seen; I ate a sausage stuffed with cheese curds and served with a garlic aoli; then a watermelon, basil and feta salad, also with olives; then a piece of panfried lake trout with potato and bacon fritters. We sipped cocktails to begin our meal–one with vodka, fennel and lime juice; the other with gin and plum nectar infused with cardamon. Nick cooks; Natalie makes the drinks. We love the vibe and we love the food. I should have taken photos.

On Saturday there are the usual errands. Shopping, dropping stuff off and picking stuff up. Dinner at home lovingly prepared by Arlequino and taken with the boy and his friend, and then a drink at our friends’ house. We sat outside beside an outdoor fire. We walked there and back. Sunday morning up earlyish, breakfast with family at a local diner,  and now it’s time to work.

Sunday afternoon work does mean doing course prep: writing or reading or surfing, usually all three. Making sure tomorrow’s presentation works (oh, and folks, Keynote is waaaaaaay better than PowerPoint. Just sayin’. And I got my image sizing difficulties sorted out. Thanks). I also re-read the literary texts we’ll be discussing tomorrow. Do you re-read every time? I sure do, as I need to have the words newly planted in my brain every single time.

But Sunday afternoon work also means doing laundry, figuring out what to wear tomorrow, cooking food for the week, and making sure there’s stuff for lunches. I don’t know about your workplace but the food at ours is pretty grim. Lots of Tim Hortons outlets. Mediocre packaged sandwiches and wraps at the library cafe. Heated up canned soup. Greasy grill. You can get decent fresh sandwiches, but why bother when I can make the same thing at home?

The contents of my fridge in mid-September

So my fridge is stocked with yogurts, veggies, cheeses, sliced meats, egg salad or tuna salad, fruit. At the office I have a water bottle, granola bars and a container of nuts. Sometimes a box of crackers. Sometimes I take leftover dinner and heat it up in the microwave.

The upside of taking my lunch is that I eat well and very cheaply. The downside is that I don’t leave my desk.

What about you? What do you do on Sunday afternoon?


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