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The last month of classes

I need to clean my office. Spring cleaning, however, must wait. It’s going to get worse before it gets better: essays start coming in next week, and then there will be final exams. Paper, paper everywhere…It’s actually the only kind of mess that I can stand. I even sort of like it. I remember when I was an undergraduate student and I’d be working on an essay in my bedroom and there would be stuff everywhere. Piles of photocopies sorted into topic, books strewn about, open, closed, upside down, interleaved, drafts of the essay crumpled up or scratched across. It felt comfortable.

I know a lot of professors whose offices are much messier than mine, but for those who know me as a rather neat and tidy person, you might enjoy seeing how slovenly I can be at work. Did I mention that there are also empty coffee cups and containers of food around? And don’t even ask me about the state of desk drawers or filing cabinets.

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