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The mid-November slump, with bright spots

Although it’s true that I don’t have many students this term, which means that I’ve got a laughably small pile of essays to grade, I am, nonetheless, feeling the tiredness of this time of year. And this morning I woke up sneezing, sniffling and coughing, so I expect that I’ve got a bit of a cold developing. Nothing that drugs and lots of tea can’t handle, and I’m not sick enough to stop working. By the way, I’d have to be half dead before I cancelled a class due to illness. I think maybe only twice in my 16-year-long career have I cancelled a class because I was too sick to teach. But there’s always work to be done on the work-at-home days. Right now I am vetting ACCUTE proposals. This morning I prepped tomorrow’s first year class. Derek Walcott’s poetry. Such a joy. Derek Walcott reads from Tiepolo Hound. Fabulous stuff.

Later I’m going to mark some essays. And all can be done while wearing pyjamas!

Yesterday one of my students in the CanLit class gave a great presentation on coffeehouses in 1960’s-1970’s Canada. Man, did she do her homework! It was a great presentation about a part of Canadian cultural history that younger people do not know about. But then she ended by telling us about a cafe in downtown Kitchener that seems to function in much the say way: they have great coffee and vegan food, but they also hold open mike nights, movie nights, music nights…They also do a “Speak English” night where new Canadians who want to practice their English are paired up with a Native English speaker and just talk. My students and I have pledged to go together once the term is over. That would be so cool. If you’re in town, visit the Commons Cafe. It seems to be a fabulous community gathering place.

More mid-November news: I’ve got a leaky basement. Someone finally came over to clean out the leaves in the eaves troughs. The garden is “put to bed.” There is hoar frost covering everything in the mornings. Fleece seems like the only thing to wear.

But here’s a bright spot, a lovely memory. Salt Pond Beach, Kauai. Ah!


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