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Lady professor goes mobile

No, I don’t mean that I’m designing an app for your mobile devices. I mean that I’m getting more mobile because I bought a new bicycle. A couple of weeks ago my friend digiwonk (aka Aimee) wrote a post for Hook & Eye that compared being a woman in academia to being a bicyclist on the roads. It was brilliant. You can read it here.

That blog post reminded me of a show that Arlequino and I saw in late January when we were attending the ReFrame film festival in Peterborough. The festival included some live performances, and this was one of them: Spin by Evalyn Parry. We loved it. It included spoken word, song, and–get this–a guy accompanist who played a bicycle. Yes, he had an old bike mounted on a stand and played it as a percussion instrument. A lot more sounds can be teased from an old bike than just ringing the bell, apparently. It was quite brilliant.

Click on the link and look to the left. You can hear the songs. The first song, “She Rides,” has been going through my head every since I bought my lovely new lady bike.

Yes, biking is a feminist issue. I’ll never learn how to drive a car, but I’ve known how to ride a bike since I was a wee girl, and I love the freedom it affords me.

Here are my new wheels. And yes, I wear a helmet, even though it ruins my hairdo. A girl can’t have everything, I guess.


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