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Slow time

After the “Autobiography Across the Americas” conference Arlequino and I picked up a rental car and headed north west to Villa Tropical near Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. This is our one week of absolute holiday. Yes, we have wifi and yes we have been monitoring email, but mostly we’ve been doing not much at all. We listen to the sounds of the waves. We walk along the beach. We swim in the ocean. We prepare and enjoy drinks and meals. We read and read and read. We are aware that others would be doing more touristy things. Snorkelling, for instance, though there’s not much point for me without custom goggles with corrective lenses. Horseback riding, which is available. Renting a boat perhaps and going fishing. There are excursions to be had, if one wanted to do them. And perhaps we will, eventually. But for now we’re happy to be doing very little. this is what we have needed. Rest. Quiet. Space. And Kobos loaded up with novels.


It is truly remarkable how slowly time moves when one has nothing in particular to do. The hours stretch. We do not check our watches. We are languid. We are fulfilled. I’m sure there’s a life lesson in there somewhere.


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