Welcome to my blog about being an English professor. I teach Canadian literature at a research intensive university in Waterloo, Ontario Canada. I have been an academic since 1995–I mean employed as one (I have always been a nerdy girl). I’m keeping this blog as a way of tracking my working life. My working life happens sometimes at the university, but always in my head and mostly in front of some sort of computing device. I do much more writing now than I ever have in my life. And I like it! This blog will cover many topics that make up my life: teaching, reading, cooking, travelling, doing research, writing, playing scrabble, texting, twittering (I don’t do much of that), shopping, web surfing, facebooking, youtubing…..You got it. I am an old gal, but I’m living a digitized life. Not quite to the extent that our students are, but not too far off either. I just read that our incoming students for Fall 2011 were born in or around 1993. I was already old then! We are all part of the digital revolution, just entering at different points. I turned on my first computer in 1985 in a 4th year English course (thank SH!). I wrote my MA thesis longhand and then typed it into a computer in the library. Big floppy disks. I bought my first (second hand) computer when I went off to do my PhD at the University of Alberta in 1990. It was a Tandy from Radio Shack. Letters were green dots on a black screen. The first thing you had to do was insert a floppy disk to boot up the machine. Now I have just about every gizmo Apple makes–two desk top computers, two laptops, and iPad, an iPhone, and an (old, now) iPod. Oh, and Apple TV. I play Scrabble through Facebook; I read news on my iPad; sometimes I read books on either the iPad or a Kobo (depends on lighting conditions–you can’t read an iPad at the beach!);I haven’t bought a music CD or a movie DVD in years. And now I’m turning a life-long (well, with breaks) of journal writing–and letter writing, it now occurs to me–into blogging. So, stay tuned and keep reading. Thanks for being here with me. I promise I will try NOT to bore you.


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